This body felt like a shell







Dear 16 Year Old Self…

Remember the day when your best friend’s dad called you ‘Thunder Thighs’? Of course you do. It was summer, you were 12 and wearing shorts. For zas long as I can remember our body has always felt like a shell that didn’t belong to us. Read More



They aren’t looking for some mythical ‘nice guy’,







Dear Tom,

Snap out of it! With all due respect you are an upstart. You are impatient, a know-it-all, quick to anger, often lacking in critical judgement before rushing in with your loud-mouthed arguments, often embryonic to the point of uselessness.

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That birthday present doesn’t seem so important

Dear Me,

Yes you, it really is me. But it is me/you from the future, 2012 to be precise. Hard to believe I know, the new millennium seems so far away in December 1984.

I’m writing to wish you a happy sweet sixteen, yeah I know what you’re thinking. Our 16th was absolutely rubbish. In fact you are really angry and confused and pissed off right now.

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