Don’t be a party-boy

Dear me,
I know what you did last weekend…

But seriously, I do. You sat on your couch and watched TV. You moped about not being invited to a party and you are upset because you lost another friend who already started drinking and smoking. What is your “record” with the ladies? Probably about 0 for 26ish right? I imagine Bailey recently rejected you and as far as you’re concerned, you will never find love. Continue reading

They aren’t looking for some mythical ‘nice guy’,







Dear Tom,

Snap out of it! With all due respect you are an upstart. You are impatient, a know-it-all, quick to anger, often lacking in critical judgement before rushing in with your loud-mouthed arguments, often embryonic to the point of uselessness.

Continue reading

Let his words flow right off your back

Dear Isis (yes, the pseudonym sticks, and quite well at that),
I know how difficult life is for you right now. High school sucks, you’re a bit depressed, and overall, you feel that life is just passing you by. Trust me; that isn’t the case. Though you feel like you’re getting nowhere and have no idea what you want to do once you graduate from high school in two years, you WILL find your way. Continue reading

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