You understand and smile

Dear Me,
Hi the sixteen years old me! It’s me your thirty one years old me. Let me tell you, a lot has happened during those years between.
Right now, you think Mom and Dad never understand you and can hardly wait to live on your own. But you know what? During those years between, you will learn that problems come and gone, life has its up and down but in the end family stay together. You learned and you smile.
And dear, this time of age, you think people you love will always stay beside you, and many times you take them for granted. Actually, they don’t. One by one, those you think will stay long enough will leave this world. You’ll cry. You’ll regret for not loving to the fullest. But only by that you learn to love people around you like there’s no tomorrow and you smile.
For a sixteen years old girl, I know, for you being popular in school and having lots of branded things are everything. But eventually you learned who are your best friends and things are just things. You understand and smile.
Yes! You are sixteen and madly in love with a popular handsome boyfriend and think you’ll be with him till you’re old. But your adventurous heart can’t let you fall in love just once. Actually, you’ll fall in love many times, dates many more and suffer several broken hearted. You even got married and got divorced. I just grateful you have a strong heart, cause if you give up love on the day you got divorce, I won’t be able happily married to a wonderful loving man. You cry, you laugh the pain away and smile.

Dear Me,
I know you are a smart and full of dreams. You plan your dream rather early compared to your peers. You are full of ambition. And you work hard for everything you want to achieve. But, life is not always going as you plan it to be. In a hard way, you will learn to let go many dreams and accept where destiny takes you with smile.

Dear the sixteen year old me,
You know what? Your life has been a roller coaster but the best thing about you is not about always trying to be the best or try to have the best thing in life. It’s about how you walk through the process of life, not giving up, keep on moving, absorb the life lesson while keeping the courage for being you.

Dear Me,
Just keep the smile, xoxo.


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