Look, it’s 11:11! Do you still wish on that?

Dear me,
Congratulations, you made it to 16! I know it may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but honestly, I’ve had my doubts about you getting there. How does it feel, that supposedly sweet age? It’s all you ever wanted to be when you were little. “Can’t wait until I’m 16!”, “I wish I was 16!”, “It’s gonna be so great to be 16!” Gosh, I wish you knew then what you do now. That you have to cherish those innocent years of childhood, when life was a breeze and there wasn’t a care in the world. I sure wish I could go back sometimes. I realize now that being a teenager isn’t as great as TV shows made it look. In fact, it sucks sometimes. But already, you’ve had some of the greatest time in these past few years, some you’ll never forget. And you’ve done some real stupid shit, too. Regrets here and there, but overall you’ve had experiences. And that is what life is for. What is anything if you don’t go out and do something, right? Just make sure you do the things you love along the way. Remember to step back every now and then and ask, is this making me happy?

It might be kind of silly, writing to you when I’m only months away from being there myself, but you’re forgetful and these are things you need to keep in mind. Crazy how quick the time flies, huh? I remember so clearly that shy little girl hopping around wanting to do everything, do it well, and all on her own. I know you still always want to do it on your own, but everyone needs help now and then. Let people in. You aren’t just imagining things, you truly do have terrible troubles with trust. As you’ve figured out, there are some real asses out there, but not everyone is a bad guy. You have nothing to be ashamed of, so talk to somebody about the real you.

Oh look, it’s 11:11! Do you still wish on that? I never believed it would come true, but I wish anyways. I just made another dumb little statement to myself, staring at the clock, imagining what would happen if it came true. But, you can’t waste your time wishing. Good things come to those who get the hell up and go for what they want. Just do it. Honestly, what’s stopping you?

And now, for my last, most important, and probably terribly lengthy point. Be happy. Sadness, anger, regret, resentment, hate. It’s all a waste of time. Just shut up a minute, and be happy. This is what you have to do for me, achieve that by making everyone else happy. That is the one thing that will ever bring you true happiness. Stop before you piss somebody off because you can, or before you ruin someone’s day just to benefit yourself. Even if you’ll never meet them, and they’ll never know it was you, make somebody smile. Put the world before yourself, and you’ll find you’re shining more than ever.

Basically, I just want you to remember what you’re here for. You aren’t on this planet to be coated with labels and material things that won’t mean shit later on. Forget about those things, they won’t satisfy you. You’re here to live life. So live it well, dear. You never know when you’ll lose the chance.


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