Remember as much as you can

Dear 16 Year Old Me,
Heads up kiddo it’s 1999 you’re in high school, Emily’s mother has somewhat recently forbid you from seeing each other and you pretty much thought the world was over, well I’ve got news from you: it isn’t and things will settle and you’ll find more happiness than you thought possible in the years ahead.I know you believe you’re an artist but you’re constantly frustrated with your inability to finish a project that’s worthwhile, well I have good news, you are an artist you just haven’t found your medium yet but when you do it will offer great satisfaction though not without challenges and frustrations of its own. They’re worth it.

Don’t force things, especially in the relationship department there is no need to rush. You will have many relationships, be honest with yourself and your partners I promise it will cause less heartache in the end.

Listen to mom, I know she seems over protective and nags you a lot but seriously she’s right about pretty much all of that stuff and you’ll soon realize how lucky you are to have her.

Take lots of pictures and write in a journal (you won’t write enough but you should!) life might seem to drag on now but mark my words every year goes faster than the last and before you know it you’ll be 28 years old thinking holy crap I can’t believe it’s almost November 2011. Seriously just remember as much as you can, be good to your friends, call your family, tell them you love them.

If you happen to hear from 50 year old me please forward the message, I’d love to hear what she has to say.



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