In fact, go hug him now

Dear sixteen year old me,
Take care of your body it is the only one you have and it will feel the effects of misuse when you are older. Continue to eat healthy when you leave home. Take the full ride scholarship to Stanford you are going to receive your senior year. One of your biggest regrets in life will be that you didn’t. Going wild and being rebellious and fearing change will create drastic and difficult obstacles and detours in your life. Take your father’s persistent advice “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
Spend as much time with your dad in fact go hug him now. You appreciated him and loved him fiercly while he was here because you always knew he lived on borrowed time. You will loose him in 2008 and you will never have a day where you don’t miss him. While you’re at it cut your mother some slack – your stubborness and teenage angst worry her and she really does know best. You will come to understand her and be there for her after your dad dies but why waste all that time love and get to know her better now. You are more like her than you think. Be nice and love your sister – she is the only one you’ve got.
Continue to live, love, and laugh everyday it is the key to your happiness. Stay in school you have student loans because instead of taking your scholarship you had to do it in your own time and your own terms. Trust your instincts, follow your heart, and do what’s right not just what seems like fun. Choose friends and lovers who do the same. ┬áDon’t worry – what seems tragic to the teenage mind will be laughable in the near future. Someday you will find your true love and it will be enduring. Just remember to always value your love and treat it as you want to be treated. Love yourself too – you’re worth it.


Do not hang out the car window at nineteen it is going to cause a head trauma.


One thought on “In fact, go hug him now

  1. This is the most useful letter i found yet. Its very beautiful and im sorry about you losing your dad and good onya for patching things up with your mum. I dont think ill ever manage that, but good on you.

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