Know I know you’re going to be okay

Dear me,
I’m going to start off with something that has been on your mind but would never tell anyone..Please know that he was never and will never be worth it. What he did was cruel and I know it hurts, I know you’ll cry, and I know you’re going to feeling lost, but please do know that you will be fine…Don’t let what happened be the cause of so many destructive decisions for the next 2 years.
Do know that the friends you have have always had your back.  Be aware of who they are and please keep in touch with them because you never know what you had until you lose it.
Keep dabbling in your art, you’ll start to get more serious and I promise it’s what saves you.
I can’t stress this enough, please be careful of who you trust. 16 will be tricky but protect yourself when you’re 17. ┬áRemember that you’re much more valuable than you think you are. ..please let go of the past, hold on to your friends and art and there will be days where you’ll never want this moment to end and then there will be days where you can’t feel anything but please know I know you’re going to be okay.


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