Smile, fly high and never let go

Dear Me,
I know you’re in that moment where you don’t know what you’re doing, or thinking to yourself you need a man but I’ll tell you it’s not worth itDon’t rely on people, do your own thing
Don’t be behind anyone, you’re your own person
If you want to join a soccer team or chorus you should. Don’t stay behind just because you’re in a relationship. Don’t give him the power. There are others that will love you and be careful who you hang out with and trust only yourself!! That’s all that matters.
Show everyone what they could have had. There are other fish in the sea. Write poetry and get into college early, don’t take a break, learn how to drive and change your look not for a guy but for you.
Run everyday and keep your body into shape. Don’t wait 4 years later to get it all together.
Don’t trust a guy and always be on your “A” Game. Trust me, there are others and no one is faithful not even you.
This world is going to be sad and depressing at a point in time but don’t worry it will all be fine.
Try new things and always remember what’s important: Family.
And don’t rely on anyone. You are the only one that will make all your dreams come true. Believe me I found out late but at least I learned it but it would have been better early.
Love yourself. I love you and that’s what matters.
Smile, fly high and never let go


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