Prove the system wrong

Dear 16 year old Erica,

You have been through so much already and life hasn’t shown you many positives yet but they are coming your way, I promise. You just have to prove the system wrong and that you can successfully make it through life.

I know at one point a couple years ago you were looking at death or life in juvy and prison but it doesnt have to end that way thankfully. Don’t let the negatives in life bring you down because there will be more, you just have to outride them and find some positives through it. And although you get negative attention at home, that doesn’t mean you need to find it through guys and being trashy.

Stay away from negative influences and dont listen to the negativity at home. You’ll eventually find a safe, peaceful and less stressful place you can collect your thoughts and start over. Just remember there will always be ups and downs in life but there are positive ways to get through them no matter what. Good luck.

Future Erica


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