Your big heart will get bigger

Dear Sal,

Hey there young lass. How you been? Life’s pretty breezy right now I see. You’re probably thinking about how easy and good you’ve got it right now. And you wanna know something awesome? It gets even better. Now hang on a second, take a chill pill as you would probably say. Don’t get too relaxed or cocky cause it won’t be easy. There are plenty of hiccups, big and small along the way.

You’ll lose friends who you truly valued and who you thought valued you back. And it will suck. You’ll do all you can to save these relationships, but it won’t happen. But that’s ok. You will slowly start to realise that after all the anger, bitterness and sadness you feel goes, you’ll get this great feeling of contentment. People come into our lives for a purpose, for whatever reason. And you’ll get that, eventually.

You’ll find that boy who you are so devoted to and would do anything for is not worth it. He’ll break your heart, but you’ll get over it. You don’t have to find your future husband now and gosh will you realise that and then some! In fact, by the time you get here, you still won’t have found him. And you will be totally cool with that.

You’ll start to feel a bit lost with what path you’re meant to take professionally. You’ll get sick of putting so much effort into going to uni and being academically awesome so you can party and be young. And guess what, you’re kinda still like that. You will become very responsible and even more driven than you are now. But you’ll have that balance. And you will rediscover an early passion and find the path you want to take. Sometimes you need that little detour to find the destination.

Young Sal, you won’t lose that inner child quality you have, so don’t worry about trying to act too grown up. Your big heart will get bigger. But you will learn to understand it better and be a lot more careful and wary of who you love with it. And that wise beyond your years trait you possess will stay. But you will harness it better and start to gradually slow down the over-thinking that plagues you.

Most importantly, you’ll realise that you still don’t have it all figured out. And that it will be a while until ¬†you do. And you’ll be ok with that.

I’d say keep on smiling, but guess what? You’ve never stopped and I’m pretty sure you never will.


Sal circa 2012 x


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