3 5 14 22 30 44

Dear Andy

Please read this and think hard, i wish someone wrote this to me.Firstly, you are a mirror image of your father, he is not so bad after all, he is looking out for you. do not ignore him and give him such a hard time. You will not have him for much longer. Secondly, there is never a more true saying than a fool and his money are soon parted, listen to mum she does know what she is talkihg about as you will find it hard for the rest of your life. As for your love life just carry on as you are.You will soon meet your perfect life partner, she will soon know you better than you know your self, she will help you through some bad times, she deserves an award for putting up with you.You will go on to have three wonderful children, let the middle child (typical middle child as you are) see this letter it may help him, as he is payback for what you did.¬†Think twice about that Crystal Palace tattoo they are still rubbish after 37 years.One last tip that may help you,¬† In twenty years time on 11th November 1994 they will start a thing called `the lottery” try these numbers on that date 3 5 14 22 30 44 good luck with them.



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