This accident is life changing

Dear Me,
‘And still i rise’
Well I hope this letter finds you in your bedroom making up dance routines and day dreaming of becoming that famous actress you always wanted to be. Your life is currently a good one, you have a happy family life although you have far too much attitude and you really should be more helpful to your mother! but as a typical 16 year old you really have no worries and this is lovely, you have a boyfriend who you believe is your first love, he isn’t, as lovely as he is it’s not the real thing. you soon have the biggest change in your life coming your way, your whole world will be turned upside down shortly after your 17th birthday, A dreadful car accident will rob you of some of your senses, and your entire family will be there day and night as that machine breaths for you and gives you time to recover. sounds scary and it is, but as always you will rise and become the same happy go lucky girl you always are. This accident is life changing, you can trust me on that, it will not only change your life but the people around you also and their choices, i guess once you are shown how precious life is you consider your own.

That episode will haunt you for some time but don’t worry you do move on and you see it for what is was, one hell of a lucky escape! you are given a lot of money after this and you are wise getting on the property ladder at 19 this is a good move although maybe too much to soon. this will be good for you and as the years go by you will move to the country that holds your heart and birth place once again following the steps of your family,

At 21 you will meet a guy who will change your life completely, this relationship will confuse you and utterly sadden you at times, although you will both love each other with such passion thats only in novels, in the end you ruin each other, it’s almost like there is too much love, you must think of yourself and you will know after a few years the time is right to leave and be strong you will soon see that there is one person who is just made for you in every way. you will get a one way ticket and travel to a foreign┬ácountry, spends 6 months changing your life and getting back to the girl who you know you are, this trip will spill over and last nearly 2 years going around the big wide world, just like you dream of doing now as you lie their in your room, don’t worry you see all these places and you love it just as you know you will..

On the other side of the world you will literally walk into your future, A man, who is everything you would ask for on paper but everything you never thought you liked. never doubt him he will make you laugh till you cry and this will get you through the up’s and down’s in life. he is your star, always keep him with you. he loves you like no one has and he will never let you come to harm. he is your true love.

At 28 you will confront that sadness in your soul, your father. All your day dreaming of how you will find him and how you will approach him, well what can i say, it is just how it works out, you face it and you finally put it to bed, when he tells you he doesn’t love you, let it be. you don’t need him although it will hurt and hurt a lot, you have your amazing mother and Step father, you are surrounded by pure love, it’s true what they all say to you, it is his loss.

after your travels you start the beginning of your career, you have worked hard for 4 years, i won’t tell you what you will end up doing as now at 16 you haven’t thought of it, and to keep having many creative ideas is the key. Try everything

well your fast approaching 30, but you still look 19! not bad eh? you will live in many places in your life, many countries, making many new friends, don’t forget the ones who matter. focus more and stop being so easily distracted!

There isn’t much more for me to tell you but i think in the next few years life will really start for you..

always remember ‘Never stop dreaming’

Love you,

from your slightly older and none the wiser older self.



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