That cupcake isn’t gonna add twelve pounds

Dear Me,
Don’t worry about it, okay? Don’t. The way your hair is, the way you look in the morning compared to the evening… it’s not worth it. Don’t worry about the size of your jeans or the color of your shirt. Don’t worry that your breasts are so huge compared to everyone else’s. Stop worrying that he’s not looking at you how you wish he would. It’s not worth it. It’s just not.
It’s okay. It is. It’s okay to cry yourself to sleep. It’s okay you make these mistakes. These things? These things will be accepted by some lucky guy, and a lot sooner than you think.
The world’s not at an end. That cupcake isn’t gonna add twelve pounds of love to your handles. That hair dye isn’t going to hide who you really are. Those people, those drugs, those kids– they’re idiots like you. So stop it. Stop, rewind, and get back to yourself. You’re a good girl; stop doing bad things.
In a few years, you’re gonna meet a guy, a super swell guy. He’s gonna be in this rusty old truck, and he’s gonna love you from day one. When you meet him, and when you start dating him, it’s okay to be afraid. You’re gonna be. It’s no big deal.
You’re gonna walk away from him. You’ll leave him. And in a few more years, you’ll find each other again.
Not all is at a loss. Not everything is in shambles. Sweetie, you’re perfect. You’re the apple at the top of the tree. Start acting like it.



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