Just tell her how you feel

Dear me,
You’re gonna have some heart break, hard times, and you’re gonna be confused 98% of the time. It’s all worth it! All the shit that happens just helps you realize all the things you truely need in life. Just tell her how you feel, I promise it’ll be better than thinking “what if” the rest of your life. You don’t even know how long life is, all I can promise you is you live to 10/23/11. Spend every second making the best out of it, be nice to people, even if they don’t give a fuck about you. Love everyone in your family, ya never know what’ll happen.

P.S. never teach gracie the “your face” comeback!!!


2 thoughts on “Just tell her how you feel

  1. Oh, Rosie!!! He’s so beautiful! I got to see Ruth in February out on Whidbey Island and she told me all about him- so happy to acuatlly get to see him Congrats to you and BF – your cup runneth over, no doubt!Not only is baby loved, he’s loved by one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Blessings abound. Mazel tov!

    • I’m glad you had a wonderful hldioay Sylvie, if anyone deseves one, you do!I’m just about ready to deliver a new blogchild (even though John keeps telling people I’m the mother of one of his, I do not have the stretch marks to prove it), and so that 1000th post hasn’t been done yet.

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