use a condom

Hi Kim.

You’re 16 years old and about to leave school into the world of further education. Yes, you do go to college and yes, you do attend University; although “attend” is too loose a word.Firstly, don’t worry about your weight; you lose it all any way with that three mile walk to college and you become pretty damn fine (if I do say so myself).

Secondly, you do pretty well in any exam or academic paper you write, but you should probably put in some more effort in the auteur paper for Chris in your first year of Uni. You will know what I mean.

On to more personal matters and please listen attentively because this is the most important thing you should know and I don’t want you to muck up like you did. Men are not as important as they seem, use a condom, be safe and don’t be talked into things that you don’t want to do. Learn some self restraint and discipline; not everything gets done on its own no matter how hard you will it to.

There is always something to fall back on, financially and personally, so don’t worry too much about money; it’s just silly.

Remember that time you asked the girls at school how you could improve yourself? Welp! Where do I start? Many end up precisely opposite the way you end up and by this, I mean fat, pregnant, having sex with much older men to fill the void that their education could not fill and self-absorbed. There will be many people in your life that you will love, but the most important things you will love will not be human.

The names you should remember are;

- Rufus. He is your motorbike; the love of your life. Cherish the time you have with him.

- Pippin, Jess and Suki. Your dogs. Love them with all your heart because they will never break it.

- Alex. This one is important. She never was, but will always be with you.

Go to Sonisphere.

And most importantly, be bright and confident with whichever body you end up with. Good stuff happens.

Take care of yourself.



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