Let his words flow right off your back

Dear Isis (yes, the pseudonym sticks, and quite well at that),
I know how difficult life is for you right now. High school sucks, you’re a bit depressed, and overall, you feel that life is just passing you by. Trust me; that isn’t the case. Though you feel like you’re getting nowhere and have no idea what you want to do once you graduate from high school in two years, you WILL find your way.Ignore the lack of dates and focus instead on your creativity. It will serve you well. Trust me; after all I am you, just 7 years older (and wiser).

In your personal life, things are pretty good right now. I know that your lack of real friends is upsetting right now, but I promise this will change. You’ll discover some of your friends are true; but others you think are friends will turn out to be merely acquaintances. There is so much relief in knowing who your friends really are.

As for school, I know you take Theatre Arts to fill that creative void, but Mr. Whelan is not the be-all, end-all of theatre. Ask mom and dad to take you to more shows, and hang out by the stage door post-shows instead. There you’ll find support from others like yourself who will encourage you rather than tear you down. Be prepared, sweetie; Mr. Whelan is going to say something awful to you that will cause you to lose faith in yourself. Don’t let it happen, and let his words flow right off your back. Instead, take what he says with a grain of salt and you’ll realize what you TRULY wish to do with your life. In fact, if I were you, I’d start looking at everything going on around you, especially since so much happens that you’re currently ignoring and/or complaining about. Paying attention and opening your eyes will allow you to ask some amazing people really cool questions that also help lead you to your path.

Here’s another big hint; start looking at making friends with the authors you read obsessively. You will discover that using social media to promote them (and yourself) will benefit you in the long run. You’ll also have amazing new friends, even if you haven’t met them in person (yet).

I know this all sounds vague, but you need to experience this for yourself so that you grow as a person. You’re already wonderful, but you’re not expressing yourself enough. Stop being afraid of failure and others’ reactions. Let yourself live and experience new things!

Much love,

Your 23 year old self

PS – Be more cooperative and help with chores around the house. It’ll save you a TON of grief!



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