God by my side

Dear Me
If only I knew then what I know now.How my god knew me then as he does now.He was just guiding me slowly. Just tiny baby steps threw a life of many different problem some of my making some of which he let happen to me So today I love god and Jesus with all my heart and soul.Each day I study his guide for my day. It warms my soft heart.That is one of the greatest gifts he has given me.Someday I pray to become stronger,so I don’t cry for myself; because I‘m one of his special children.I still well cry for other until they find God adoring Love as I finally have.

Someday I pray to write a book about my journey with God by my side.My dream is to help others through their life walk.Remember JOHN 3 16

Please remember GOD LOVE US.

Your friend in Jesus



One thought on “God by my side

  1. This is definitely a good time to lie down as well as rest! I treasure this time of season! Thank you with respect to the uncomplicated read. I am going to be definitely back with respect to additional.

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