He’ll tell you you’re hot, but never that you’re beautiful.

Dear me,

You’re gonna get depressed sometimes. Sometimes you’re going to think: “Who could ever love someone as nerdy/frumpy/stupid/ugly as me?” And this summer, you’re going to pick the first guy that ever paid attention to you, because you were sick of waiting and crying and moping. You were tired of being alone. You were tired of saying goodbye to daddy every time he left for the middle east. You were tired of not having love. And this guy will be an asshole, and he won’t treat you right. He’ll call you names and call you fat. He’ll tell you that you’re hot, but never tell you you’re beautiful. And because of this guy, you’ll turn the man who is your other half, your soulmate, down. Don’t worry though, past me, because this will be a very short phase. And because your soul mate is the loving, forgiving type he is, he’ll let you back into his life.And you’ll never feel alone again.


One thought on “He’ll tell you you’re hot, but never that you’re beautiful.

  1. This is mine! I’m so happy it got posted on the site. To anyone here, definitely try and write a letter. It was incredibly therapeutic and I feel like I finally said everything I wanted to say in order to move on from my past, and I think, whoever you are, you will too.

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