It’s clear to yourself you are mad.

Dear Anne

I know you miss dad – but his last words you will never forget and you know he is there in every step you make, as promised. he was a good man and will guide you through big decisions to be made, even in your future without him. There are tough times to come- I will not lie… you are scared now upon finding mum sitting in the dark alone and disappearing for hours because of her memory loss… things will get worse and with them you’ll become a wiser and stronger person, just remember how much you love her.

Never think of leaving home in the middle of the night to run away- with that comes consequences and they will stay with you forever… you will have many emotional scars and they become a part of who you are.

Would like to tell you never to fall in love- but the heart cannot help but feel what it does… not everyone understands the person you are and the heart will hurt as a result, you will  think of them everyday and hope they are well despite them pretending you were never there… it’s clear to yourself you are mad.

You’ve had a tough time with severe bullying in your younger years… children can be cruel and upon entering the world as an adult this will end, grown ups understand the importance of being yourself, of being an individual… the older you get the more important being different becomes. Never change who you are- you’re not one for going out to clubs, a non-drinker and spend all your time hiding away in your room and this wont change; however you will find friends with very similar hobbies and interests to yourself.

Will let you in on a secret- those speech therapy classes will go a long way- you’ll meet a lot of great friends; do exciting things together which involve travelling and doing the hobbies you enjoy.

You have knowledge of the healing power music has upon you, keep that close and not many tears will be shed- your greatest therapy.

At the moment you’re about to leave school to go into childcare, i’m proud to say it’s the right choice… you will become a carer of many and get satisfaction helping those who are vulnerable.

The boys will turn around completely and make you all proud of what they choose to do in life… you’d make those upon the clouds proud and thankful, some point you will need to stop being the big sister and let them fly.

I don’t need to tell you about the nerd in you getting out of control; don’t watch too many horror movies because you’ll get nightmares… that last line will probably fall on blinded eyes. There is more to life than watching vampire television shows and slasher movies- watch a comedy once in a while… you’re not even 18 yet!

My main message to you however is; you have never wished to turn the clock back or to change anything from the past… you have always accepted what happens in your life and i want to say THANKYOU; because you accomplished something not many people could give their future self.

I know you are suffering at the moment… but hold on tight because you’re in for a great rollercoaster of an experience.  Who said life was easy?


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