That really is your dad rising to heaven

Dear 16 year old me,

Don’t try to be a player.  That’s not you.  You know that girl you REALLY want? Yeah, she’s awesome.  She’s the one you want.  Her brother, that same player, secretly loves the idea too.Don’t worry about not being in the crowd in highschool, they have known each other forever.  The friends you make without them are worth their weight in gold.  Do move to AZ with you’re friend, just make sure he’s paying his half of the rent.  You’re in some for some insane times, but it all pays off.

Your mom is an amazing person and always has your back no matter what.  Your dad will get cancer in about a year.  You will think he’s all good then he will die.  It will be okay though, and it will bring out your real friends.  They will relentlessly keep your chin up when you can’t.

STOP WORRYING.  Live your life.  You’re in highschool, this is the practice for life. Get yourself out there, do stuff.

You won’t fully appreciate these things for 5 more years, but trust me, those people you barely know and are jealous of you will become your friends for life.  A couple years from now you will meet some new people, and when your dad passes, they will step up.

Don’t drink so much.  I know it numbs the pain but it just puts off dealing with the scars you have.

You’ll have a lot of weird dreams in the beginning.  When you get home from the hospital, don’t dismiss that one as you’re mind playing tricks on you.  That really is your dad rising to heaven giving you just what you need to become a man.

P.S.  Don’t buy the 54s for the Chevy.  You can’t afford to make them work and your glory comes later.  The motor in that car your dad bought that you paid off when he died is about to grenade.  But, the buildup after will make you known.


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