Family and work and activism are important

Hi  Sassy girl,
So  your  best  friend  left,  she  seems  to  be  turning  into  a mean, inconsiderate  girl,  and  you  have  friends but  no  one  who you are super close with, your love life (ha) is a joke.  Begging a guy to  go to prom is not your idea of fun. Oh, and the lesbians  you  know are getting more action than you, so that is making you think…………

As cliche  as it  sounds, it DOES  get better.  Your  best  friend  was dealing with  some  issues of  her own, including  her  dad dying  of AIDS.  You will reconnect and still be friends 15  years later.  Most importantly,  you will meet others like  you  who  are disabled  activists.  They  are a bit older than you, but  it  will kind of save your life in high school.  You will even get to act  in a disabled  woman’s  theater group, too. Fun!
You will experiment  a  bit  with girls, but  as soon as  you  have the first boy  you  are attracted to kiss you,  you will know why  you like  boys. (Though if Drew Barrymore hopped into bed, you still wouldn’t deny her.) You still think it is totally fine for  young people to SAFELY  experiment with  their sexuality.  Finding a mate  will ALWAYS be difficult because  of  your speech and physical impairments, but  you will fall in love  and  have sex and your  first  long term boyfriend will turn into  a really good friend.
More importantly, you will realize that  though romantic love is  great, and  22  years later you still want that,  that  there are other  things  like  family and work and activism that  are equally important.  You  also  know that gut wrenchingly awful experiences  can have the most positive impact on your  life.  Most  of all  you will be strong in  your beliefs,  able  to stand outside  the crowd, to be  who you are truly meant to be in large part  because  of what  you  are going through now.  You  are  doing fine, just hang in there, because 17 is a FABULOUS  year! Love you.  XXOO.


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