I’m fairly sure my left hip weighs 108 lbs.

dear young (younger? child?) me,

life will certainly change for you as time passes, so, please take note of what i feel are things you should know.  1. the time space continuum is in place here, as you have no idea that around 2000, you will work, send letters and communicate with friends all over the world using something called ‘the internet’.  i do not believe al gore invented it–he just helped it grown.

2. when you hear of a stock called ‘yahoo’ or ‘intel’, sell something and buy some shares.  this segues into something you should remember–always own something you can pawn, for reasons along the lines of yahoo and intel.  sell your att stock at $65 (around 1997) it will bomb from there.

3. you are beautiful.  own that fact.

4. you are not fat.  standing 5’7″ and weighing 108lbs is not fat.  i’m fairly sure my left hip weighs 108lbs.

5. do not ever allow any man to touch you in a harmful manner.  hit back, scream, throw something.  what will happen when you are 22, well, be ready.  avoid guys who work at radio stations.

6. you are amazingly talented.  your voice is good–listen to the choir teacher and join.  you have mad writing skills, not displayed by the composition of this letter, but, i assure you, they are there.

7. you will fall in love twice.  1971 and 2006.  one works, one is still up in the air.  don’t be a carpet, don’t allow anyone to let you think you are just that.

8. your mom will never love you enough.  either move past it or cut her out long before you hit 30.

9. there will be some tough patches.  stick with the people who believe and love you–the rest are a waste.

10. it’s okay to love your children from the nanosecond they are born.  it’s okay, i promise.

stay in theater, keep writing, move to nyc when you are young.  explore the world and never be afraid, for nothing but the universe is greater than you are.

i love you, little scared 16 year old me.  you need to love you, too.

quin (who once was karen)


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