You have shocking taste in men

Hey you,

It’s 20 years on and you’ve survived, these are a few things you need to know.

1. You eventually come to grips with the fact having a brain is not a bad thing BUT still tend to hide your intelligence as its ‘easier’ but you find some boys really do like smart girls.

2. You love your job and are good at it despite what you might think. The promotion you got in your twenties (not common in your profession) is proof of that. However you would have been good at the two other options you thought about but were too afraid to try….but we still have time!

3. Become an activist….you will make amazing friends and be intellectually stimulated! Something you always crave

4. Spend as much time as you can with dad he passes away in yor early 30′s and you will miss him everyday.

5. Your brother will never change and although younger, you will always have to be the responsible one….mum starts to eventually realise this and stop comparing you. (most of the time…you know how mum is)

6. You have two¬†phenomenal¬†best friends – neither of which you know now. One you meet at uni…day 1! and the other not till your 30′s

7. Your fed girls and boys are your soul sisters and brothers….you never stop collecting strays.

8. You have shocking taste in men now and in the future….not getting married at twenty four is a good decision – stick with it. Yes it hurts but you are fine now. Your taste improves in your thirties….funnily enough with a childhood crush….he likes your brain!

9. You are generally oblivious to mens interest in you….lets fix that. You are funny and sexy lots of people tell you this BELIEVE THEM (I know it’s hard i still struggle)

10. Get your ass off the couch…altough you never get that fat you get chubby until one of those best friends drags you to the gym yes it sucks and hurts but you now have a great ass, rack and are getting there with the abs.

11. Travel for work….you meet amazing people and have the time of your life plus build valuable career connections.

12. Travel before you get to my age, thats one real regret you will have.

13. Stop shopping…it does not fill the void

Lastly always remember you are an amazing person who despite falling into a black depressive hole at times usually pulls herself out and does something cool as a result. You never loose your sense of social justice which is invaluable to you.

See you in another twenty years!


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