You are a star, please live like one!

Dear Me,

I know this world is exciting, and as much as you feel you have grown up, slow down. Boys will never be as important as your family, and friends with often come and go. No matter what, keep your head up.And should someone offer you something that you know you shouldn’t do, don’t accept it. Follow your instincts, you have enough knowledge to do so. Also, when you feel the world doesn’t understand you, understand that somewhere in this great big world, there is someone who is going through something along the same lines. You’re never alone. Smile more, not only does it make you seem less cold, but it confuses the people who aim to do you harm. And trust me when I say this, love yourself. You are indeed a sweet person although you will make mistakes. Learn from them, they will help you when you’re my age. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help either, no matter how stupid or embarrassing you think something is. You are a star, please live like one.

Love Always,



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