Material wealth is so over rated

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

You have so far to go and yet you have come a long way already!  Firstly don’t believe everything everyone says to you, take time to think about decisions you make.  Read up (quietly) on a mental illness Bipolar, this will really help you understand your relationship with your adopted mother and help you! Emphasis on discretion! Also you are fit and healthy and a pretty face, people are drawn to you really enjoy it and believe in yourself! Not everyone will like you and that is okay too, you don’t have to please everyone.  Keep an eye on your younger brother around children!  At 16 you have already met your lifelong best friend Denise, you will both see each other through lifes up s and downs, you have found someone who keeps you grounded and is honest and really love you…Treasure her always!  You will marry for love and it at times be a challenge but remember you cannot change someone.  He will love and care for you very much…. Treasure him!  Also remember you do not have to make all his dreams come true! You are not responsible for his inner happiness, this is his journey too.  Your design office work will keep you in constant employment, however it is not what you really should be doing….you true inner vision in life should be either in a caring role…nursing or teaching, or if this doesn’t feel right look at Events and PR you will excel at this type of role! Think about it! Buy Aunt Edes house and stay there, you won’t look back! Do more simple camping/caravan holidays with your children much more fun and way cheaper!  Be happy with who you are and what you have. Material wealth is so over rated!  Also give everyone you care about an extra hug just because


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