Drifting apart and finally moving on

Dear 16 year old me,

Stop making a big deal out of everything. Stop crying over stupid things that won’t even matter in a year’s time. Don’t worry so much about the future and stop dwelling so much in the past. You got friends who love you and you take most of them all for granted. Your popularity will also go away soon. You will realize who your real friends are, so you have to become less shy to make new friends. And please stop dying your hair so much, your hair will easily be fragile by the time you’re 22. You will have OK grades, not the best. But at least you make it into university with a degree you’re passionate about. Plus, although it takes time, you eventually get into a dance team. Last, but not least, you still love her 8 years later. It may lead into you two not being friends anymore, but ask yourself what’s worse: being friends with her and nothing more for the rest of your life OR drifting apart and finally moving on if she rejects you?


28 year old me


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