You meet your sister for the first time at his funeral

What’s up Lou,

I’m writing you from 2012 and you are quickly approaching your 41st birthday and things are pretty good.  You are married and living the life that you often dreamed about as a kid.  Here’s some advice that I hope you take to heart.You are a dreamer and you dream big so keep dreaming.  You remember the board game LIFE that you and your cousins would play for hours upon hours and how it showed you the two paths you could take in life and how every time you chose to go to college things went well in the game?  I think The University of Texas at Austin is a good choice, so think about it.

The girl you have had a crush on since elementary school, you can forget it because she was out of your league then and in high school.  Not to worry, because you are a late bloomer and the girls do come and you do pretty well.  You remember all the cool kids that you secretly envied in high school and how you would have done anything to be like them?  Guess what, life goes on after high school and popularity in high school doesn’t always translate to success in the real world.  You are talented with an undeniable drive to be successful in life so don’t be so self critical because you are better than you ever imagined.

Your mom was right about many things especially about college being the best time of your life, but you need to study more your freshman year!  When you get a chance to reconnect with your biological father in your twenties, take more time to help him beat his addiction and show him that you love him because it’s his addiction that will take his life too soon and it will bother if you don’t work harder to build that relationship.

Guess what? You meet your sister for the first time at his funeral and you guys are like twins and your brother Isaac is pretty cool as well.  You find a great woman that’s everything you need and want and she is truly heaven sent so please don’t screw this up.  You go back and forth on what to name your first son, so for heaven’s sake keep the family name going, you will be glad you did.

You always knew you wanted to be a CEO of a large company since you were 10 (don’t get to excited buddy) it hasn’t happened yet but you are having a great career with great mentors and mentees that have shaped who you are as a person.  Never forget it’s about the people and not about you.  Remember how important friends and family are and stay close to your mom because she will need you more than ever as her health begins to fail her.  You will be proud of person that you become so live without regrets and keep dreaming big.

Holla at your boy in 2012.  :)


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