A circle of love you can not imagine

Dear Dee-Dee,
     Wow, are you in for a roller-coaster ride! Strap yourself in and get ready! You will mess up in school the first time around, but not to worry….it will give you the drive that propels you through your second time around when it is a more appropriate time for you to get your education. You will also be subject to alot of abuse, both physically and mentally, by who you think at the time is the love of your life. Newsflash-the great looking guy everyone wants but you are with is not such a prize after all. He will abuse you in every way possible. Hang in there girl. Believe it or not, the abuse is necessary for when you meet your REAL love of your life because you will then appreciate all the little things that truly show love and caring. Damn, I hate when mom is right!  When the new one proposes, your mind will say no while your mouth says yes. Your mouth has the right answer. You will have two children who  you will look at and think, “What did I ever do to deserve such amazing kids!” Get rid of your superficial friends because some truly gorgeous ladies from all over the world will give you a circle of love you can not imagine yet. And that artistic streak in you? Just wait and see how it grows!! I am your biggest fan girlfriend! Keep shining! There really ARE people who will see your light and mirror it back tenfold! Never undermine  your value…you truly are a treasure to behold!
Tiamo per sempre (don’t worry, you’ll know the meaning of this in due time),

Nice Ann Ghia


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