DON’T get that huge tattoo

Dear Jessica,
First of all I want you to know that nearly ten years from your sixteenth, you will be sitting at a computer, with tears in your eyes,and not a shard of self esteem left because of decisions you are very soon to make.First, stop trying to tame your frizzy hair ( which just makes it look worse ) as it looks better left out in a heap of curls and mess, which is rather fitting for your life.
Stop beating yourself up because you are not the “cool” kid, or because the footballer does not like you in that way , ( he gets as large as his ego and asks you out,at 19, you say no ).
Stop trying to fit in so badly,the kids you envy go on to ruining their lives and having children by 18 anyway. The one who teased you admits she was jealous of YOU.
Stop wanting to be different, different becomes cool very quickly( later your quirky sense of humor makes people laugh).
Stop doubting yourself and your ability to be able to read people VERY well , stay away instead of seeking approval and ending up hurt.
Do NOT date Tom, as you suspected. he was a jerk and 3 years will be wasted. Do NOT date the boy from tafe, he will leave you too, and Sam, well, he will just top it all off, in fact, he is a DOOZIE!! He beat every last shred of happiness from you and leave you, at 24, feeling like you are 16 again, unsure, alone, UN-confident an hurt ( sigh, always men with you Jess).
Instead of seeking approval from those who mistreat you, treat those who love you with respect, they get over it and leave you to your dramas.
Love yourself, know your talented , know your strong and walk through life with confidence, dignity and your head held high.
Know who you are and don’t allow others to sway that opinion.Know what you want to put up with and settle for no less.
Dear 16 year old self, put YOU first when it counts. It never hurt anyone to expect good things for their life.

And as an after thought, DON’T get that huge tattoo that covers your right shoulder, at sixty i will write a ‘dear 22 year old self, your tattoo has now sagged to your breast”.. oh hindsight,if we could all have a letter periodically from ourselves, ten years ahead.

Jessica x


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