Take chances with that guy from spanish

Dear 16 year old me,
I know you didn’t want to but you went the G.W.H.Maybe if you/me studyed harder we could have gone else were…but it doesn’t matter.You are smart you just need to pay attention in school.I know the social life isnt that great but just wait.You will make great friends that will be there for you. I’m writing this from 2012 i know it hasn’t been long but i just wanted to stop by and say hi.It gets better.You/me still have so much to learn.You go to college but don’t do so well.I’m working on it So I have to go. So Good luck!

P.S Take Chances..maybe with that guy from Spanish.

P.P.S Guys can wait till College but be careful.

P.P.S Watch out for Sabrina she gets in some trouble when shes 16. Be supported of her decision.


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