Popularity will mean nothing

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Jen,
If you have not already let mom buy you the camouflage fatigue pants while on the biking/camping trip in Wisconsin with her and Mark, DO NOT BUY THEM.  If she has already bought them for you DO NOT WEAR THEM TO SCHOOL especially to your US History class.  Still buy the cow keychain though because that you’ll love forever.  Keep in mind that everyone around you is in the same boat, EVERYONE.  They all hate going to school every day, and they are all self-conscious of themselves (some more than others).  You are all in this together so why not make the most of it.  DO NOT MAKE anyone else more miserable than they already are.  BE NICE to Ryan Lange.  TRY HARD to be nicer to the people that you think are more popular than you are as well as the people who you think are less popular, for popularity will mean NOTHING in the future and it will all boil down to the quality of the individual.  Besides, you might be surprised in what you find there.  Again, remember that you are ALL IN THE SAME BOAT.  FIND other people you respect and LEARN what it is about them that you admire in order to MODEL that behavior, for in that lies the key to self-improvement.  PAY ATTENTION to what is being taught in class rather than the class itself (your peers), who cares what they think of you YOU NEED TO LEARN.  After high school there will just be YOU and NO THEM so you need some skills, PAY ATTENTION.  STOP caring about your weight!!!  When you finally learn to stop caring about your weight and eat everything you like in moderation and be relatively healthy you will be free!  This is going to be hard to say, but you are not very good at math.  You are okay at it, but science likes math, so when you fall in love with Earth Science your junior year please overlook it, it is not your future.  GO WITH YOUR STRENGTHS and you will be soooo much happier in the long run.  Trust me on this one.  I know it is not what you want to hear, but it is for your own good.  GO WITH YOUR STRENGTHS.

Lastly, repeat after me: YOU ARE SMART, YOU ARE SMART, YOU ARE SMART.  No matter how anyone makes you feel my friend, YOU ARE SMART and you will make it.

With Much Love,

Thirty-One-Year-Old Jenn

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