Relax and enjoy tomorrow evening

Dear me,

Now then, suspend your longing for questions of ‘Why?’ and ‘How’ and just read this is from you 3 years on to the date.Relax and enjoy tomorrow evening forgive your fretting over your GCSE your brighter and smarter than you think, though for this set of exams you will fail, least by your own expectations that B in Biology will Hurt, and I mean hurt. In any case consider writing a little less than 14 pages in an essay exam question, aim to express yourself in 7 sides of A4. French and Art  consider and listen… you are a perfectionist and easily frustrated.

Your Asperger’s is your greatest gift, strip logic from the emotion look for the logic of emotion in others work backwards, at 19 you know how little you know of this pathway for now just accept that you don’t get it right but ask earnestly how others are feeling it helps, you get answers but it’s not an inquisition!

I know your currently besotted by Laura D, She’s a bitch and will play you to perfection for the next 2 year’s loyalty is one of your strongest values and will win you the day to the tune of ‘I’m as loyal as dog’ it will also cost you your first real relationship, but Know your own feelings in a relationship end it cleanly and not by phone or letter but in person. Make the most of those longings to kiss and date those girls, but it won’t work if you don’t keep your stubble (more precisely ‘bum fluff’)  and hair in check. You are handsome, wise and bright run for Head Boy, be open mind, and don’t question it be the bridge, and get involved in charity work your good, at talking use it!

Relax and embrace your science geek work hard in your first 6 months of VI Form (Sir John Deen’s is not a good plan) and wind your neck in wise cracks don’t suit you. I know you’re thinking Vet, go to Nottingham (visit it’s will be easy enough), but also think about Medicine, you’re A-levels will guide you maths is not your strength you lost it in year 9 ish.

Remember to respect your elders they are a little wiser than you, though do not be blind Dad is wise but also a man, therefore respect his lovers and marriage I know that you resent it and this will be more telling as Dad’s depression bites deeper, it will never leave him he will not be the man I and you remember. Reflect that those that can love him and Trust me Ursula truly does and that in your hour of need she will always be there for first you and then for you both at least for the next  3/4 years. She will give up a lot if you will only let her help you, I know I didn’t.

This brings me to you and family, are grandparents are not long for the world they love you truly but don’t know you give them that chance.

You are Hyper mobile, hence keep jumping (star-jumps, tuck-jumps and leap frogs) of all kinds to the gym, and pursue your kayaking make it your sport, you love it, I love it.

Why and How are the greatest of questions, but revision is important learn now how to draw your Spider diagrams.

Oh and sex is good but over rated wait and relax.

Thomas Denton.

PS. New Knees and Hips are hard to come by preserve them don’t abuse them! Trust me crutches are not fun


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