Tired of eating dog food

Dear Me,
Well today is the day. You have wanted this your whole life. You have prepared for it, dreamt it, wrote it in your diary a thousand times, prepped in the mirror, and even acted iit out with your teddy bears…Its time! Your dressed, hair is fixed, makeup is soft and subtle..you smell great and your buddies are here. Wait your mom and daddy is here! This is your moment…are you ready? I said…are you ready?

Ok…take a deep breath. Look at Daddy and give him one of your, “I love you” smiles. You ready…now! Turn around and walk the other way. You might think your ready, but your missing the big picture. Sure, ok, you love him and your unborn child…but on your wedding night your going to be hit, kicked, hurt and crying alone in the dark..bleeding and left to deal with the fact your losing your  baby with every gush of blood that escapes your bruised and fragile 16 year old body. Is that not enough to change your mind? Six months later, your at the convenience store with stolen pennies from your brother in law because you’re tired of eating dog food to keep your second pregnancy alive. Getting the picture now? Wait…how about another beating and rape with objects tearing you up real bad down thete while your still pregnant…taking you in the car..throwing you out at ER and just telling them “you fell.”

I know Mom and Daddy can be difficult, but this is nothing compared to a future with a monster in disguise. I know you love horror movies…do you want to be a martar to your own, lone horror featurette? You will not be the surviver…Freddy, Jason, Michael will take you to the bounds of your new hell.

Ok, take another breath…your whispering to Daddy..” Im so thankful you love and protect me..I want to stay your little girl…Im not ready Daddy…I love you”

You smile, pull out a piece of paper that was wrapped into your bouquet..and walk into the sunlight basking your Daddys church…

You begin…”Dear Me….”


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