A man will be your world, create it, shatter it

Dear little 16 year old you,
I just need to tell you that all your fear of failing and not being good enough will only evolve as something you frequently tell yourself because of two men and you have already met one of them and possible just said goodbye to the other. Drugs will always surround you and hurt you, you won’t actually touch them until your 18 years old and even then you should take a mere moment to think about that because it may become a source for where you hide your pain. You will fall so deeply in love with a man who will be your world create it and shatter it, you will move forwards but I don’t know when you will actually let him go.

You will go onto to experience some things that no matter what will harm the insides of you making it difficult to know where you stand in this little world. Your dreams of acting will fade and so will your creativity but you will never fully let go of that part of yourself…

The one thing that will always bring you back is your inner strength of not wanting to fail, your family and your friends.

Loving yourself will never come naturally but here is hoping one of these days you will get there

All my love


Your 25 year old self



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