Fuck what other people think

Dear me,
At the age of 16, you think that what happens will determine the rest of your life.  The way the boy in pre-calc looked at you while passing back your test means he’s in love with you or he doesn’t know your name.  The way you dress and carry yourself in school means you’ll go to a good college.No! That means nothing.  Do not feel like you have to change for someone else.  Be true to you.  That sounds so dull and cliche, but it is the God honest truth.  If you still have a love for Barbie dolls or American Girl or Disney, fuck what other people think! Do not feel like you have to conform to any group or look.  You are your own person and that is beautiful in itself.

Dance may suck right now, but remember why you love it and remember why you started dance in the first place.  You are meant to do great things and this is just the first step.

You are 16. You have the world at your feet.  You can go anywhere and be anyone!  Know that this is only the beginning.

Love, Me


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