Go easy on your mother

Dear Isabel,
You seriously need to relax.  I know that you’ll probably laugh this off and go check your MySpace page to see if anybody has commented on your slutty cleavage shot, but there are a few things you need to know before you go do that.  The first is that you aren’t the only aspiring actress out there – you’ll meet plenty more when you begin your freshman year at UCLA (yes, you get in!).  You’re also your own special breed of human, so don’t try to blend in with everybody else, because it won’t work and it’ll just make you sad.  Go easy on your mother – she’s doing her best, but you’re kind of a bitch most of the time, which makes it hard for her to see where you’re coming from.  Last but not least, stop obsessing over finding your Prince Charming!  It’ll happen, just not right this very second.

You’re doing okay.  Go read a book and eat some frozen yogurt.  Oh, and get off MySpace NOW.  It’s gonna blow over any second and you’ll eventually join the bandwagon of Facebook (ab)users.

Have fun and don’t forget to be yourself.



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