Accept that you are not going to have straight hair

Dear Rachel,
Go easy on yourself. You really don’t realise what you are capable of, I wish you had a little more confidence in yourself and then things won’t be so stressful. Your not stupid – your going to go on and pass your GCSE’s, A-Levels and get a good degree from a good University – because you try so hard!Stop telling yourself that your ugly and that boy’s will never like you, ever!
Yes you may be abit geeky looking, and awkward but that all changes in a few years time.
You will have your first kiss, so stop telling yourself that your not going to have one and it will be worth the wait and then you’ll have many more kisses – some nice, some sloppy, some drunken!
Oh and Danny, the popular boy in school will fancy you in a few years time and ask you out when your 21 – be happy to know that you turned him down and reminded him how he teased you in school!
Those girls who pick on you at school, spreading rumours about you and laughing behind your back – you’ll be happy to know that they go on to have babies at 17 and have got fat!  Just stick with your best friend, because even in a few years time when your lives seperate off into different pathways but she’ll stick by you and always be there for you!
Your strong, and even if at the time you dread going into school seeing those girls it’s not going to be for much longer – and in a few years time you’ll forget about them and come out of it being a nicer person because you don’t want other people to feel the way you have felt.

Your going to go through some tough spells when it seems like the world is ending – but it’s not – you’ll get through it – you’re here until you are 26 atleast and very happy with the direction your life has taken.

Stay strong, and remember that everything happens for a reason. Make the most of a bad situation by losing weight, it’s a guaranteed way to give you a boost!

Don’t cut your hair, let it grow long and curly because you’ll hit the age of 26 and will still be trying to grow it long. Just STOP going to the hairdressers, accept that you are not going to have straight hair no matter how nice it looks straight!

Lessons I’ve learnt the hardway – karma can be a bitch and it will come back round and hit you, hard, like a brick wall! So be careful about the people who you hurt and take into consideration
people’s feelings, if you don’t like a boy tell him – don’t ignore him and hope it will go away.

Finally, i’d just like to tell you that everythings going to be alright (until your 26 atleast) I can’t tell you whats going to happen in the future but up to now your happy and healthy.
:-) So stop worrying and stressing and be happy!

Love from your future self!

x x x


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