That big furry cloud in the sky

Dear Kerry/Kez/Kezza,
An easy life is never appreciated as much as hard work, tears and sweat in the end. You’ll get plenty of this in the future, but do not for one second get that tiny violin out and begin to play! You plod on, you put the effort in and you’ll realise that you do shine when you’re working hard.You aren’t a big fan of your parents right now. Not many children are but you will come to realise your mum and dads worth in your adult years – you wouldn’t be alive without them. Be nicer to them, and put in more visits to your grandparents – when they leave for that big furry cloud in the sky, it will break your heart everyday.
You’re best friends will be friends but will move on in life, apart from one who is your partner in crime. Your nose will grow into your face (kinda) and even though you’re not ‘perfect’ you will find who you are and you will be happy even though what you have isn’t considered all the riches in the world. Looking after number one is fine, but fill your spare time with good deeds, as this is fulfilling and more constructive than trying to pierce your own nose!
All will be fine, fruitful and fun! Just remember:
Passion pays off

All my love, hugs and snogs,
A very grown up 25 year old Kerry Sue Ashton xxx

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