And don’t eat cinnamon

Dear Ashlee,
Let me start of by saying, nothing that happened when you were little is your fault and go to the counseling sessions, it will do you the world of good. You cant fix your mum. One boy in particular will hurt you a lot but trust me all the lessons you learn will make you a strong independent person who knows what she wants. Finish school and don’t lie. Your father loves you, he just can’t show it very well. You have a great sense of humor, use it everyday, people love you for it. Don’t bully people, everyone deserves respect. Have self respect, but not too much! You will meet a man that treats you like you are everything, it’s not great timing but he’s the one. Don’t hold back, you can be anything! Oh and don’t eat cinnamon.

Look after yourself, love yourself
Ashlee xxxx


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