Confidence is sexy

Dear Me,
Although it is only 5 years on… I can confirm that these 5 years will make you into a stronger person.

You will lose a friend that was like a brother to you… you will hurt, but it is your brother that needs the help through this. It will bring you closer to him.
You will find your first love, who in turn will break your heart more than you ever thought possible. You may feel like this is the end of the world… but it’s not. You will use this as your strength to build your self confidence, which will show you that he was not the only one that could ever want you. You gain this confidence and have guys fighting over you (confidence is sexy… remember that!!)

Your first love will return, begging for your forgiveness. You WILL forgive him you know – after receiving approval from your family and making him earn it. Once you are back with him, this next year is life changing. You will be completely happy and satisfied with the direction your life is heading. Maybe those dreams of starting your family and living happily ever after will come true… right on track!

Each day is different to yesterday and can change tomorrow. Learn to live in the moment – enjoy the good times and forget the bad times.

Your mum will be your best friend… and you first love will be your husband – your gorgeous, loving, husband…You will realise that your family is the best you could ask for (your direct family, as well as your in laws).

I wish I could  have known this when I was 16… but your life is great, in more ways than one. You are surrounded by the best people.

Use your personality and that smile to show people how beautiful you truly are. Enjoy life and always look on the bright side :-)

Love you more than you know.

You  xxx

PS. It may seem silly now… but buy that house when you turn 18… I know you don’t earn much money but you will find a way. It will  be the best decision you could ever make… You can do anything you put your mind to!! :-)


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