Your guardian angel without wings

Dear Me,
I am writing to you from the future.Right now you are 20 years old and still doing the same old routine. You remember when you  plague to yourself that you where going to be more outgoing,take chances ,have memorable moments to tell.I guest you forgot all about it or just didn’t think you were brave enough to try. well Jenea think of me as your guardian angle without the the wings because I am here to save you from making the biggest mistake of your life.I want you Jenea to get up everyday and look in the  mirror,I know that it may be hard to try to fit in ,but know that the women you are in that mirror  is not the quite girl that everyone think you are ,but a  beautiful,loving,creative human being.Never think that you are not good enough to do whatever you want.You might think that it will get easer for you,but it won’t.I won’t let you bully yourself any more.Life is hard, you just have to make it a effort to try your hardest.As long as your willing things might get better for you.


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