Ditch that office job

Dear Caz,

Contrary to your belief, you are not fat or ugly.  You are a gorgeous girl, smarter and more capable than you think.  Ditch that office job you left college for, go back to school and then university – you’ll get Honours.  Believe me, you will.  Keep writing and become the teacher you were born to be but don’t yet have the confidence to know it.  Go to the German Beer Hall at Expo on 5th August, 1988 and tell the tall, good looking boy with the dreamy blue eyes to wait for you.  Go overseas for at least five years and sow your wild oats.  Always wear sunscreen, don’t sunbake and moisturise regularly – you’ll be grateful when you’re 43.  Stand up for yourself and be kind to your Daddy, he’s not here for long.

Believe in yourself, Carolyn.  The sky’s the limit


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