Get into Buddhism much earlier

Dear Jesse at 16,
You’re going to make some good choices and some bad ones. Relish the good ones, forgive yourself and learn from the bad ones. By the way, don’t mix your alcohol at Richie’s NYE party. You’ll regret it big time.Get off your own back, as someone will tell you. Try hard to do it and keep doing it.
Remember that thing that doctor told you to do in NYC but she used the wrong word? Do it anyway.
Get into Buddhism much earlier than 23.
Love yourself more and don’t mope.
Work harder at what you want. You’re going to settle here and there – live with it. But never give up on yourself or your dreams. Marry more wisely. And don’t wait so long, as your aunt told you. Take better care of your body. Write more. Rewrite more too. Save more of your money. You’ll need it.
You’re a good man. Believe it.
Jesse at 54


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