I enjoyed every minute

Dear Me,
So, Glandular Fever is done and dusted – Time to get on and enjoy!

You are going to leave school this year, start work, leave work, go to college!  If i was to give you any advice it would be don’t go and work at the Bank; but hey, If I hadn’t gone and worked at the bank, I wouldn’t have done all the other things I did as a result.

There’s nothing that I have done in the intervening years since I was 16 that I regret, or I wish I hadn’t done. I enjoyed every minute and I’d do it all again.

One thing I will tell you – cherish the ones you love!  Tell them you love them, hold them close, they aren’t here for long enough, so make the most of them while you have them!

Have a Ball!!  I did!

Love Me.


2 thoughts on “I enjoyed every minute

  1. There’s such a feeling of love and care in your sign off from a note. I feel like you are inivgg a big hug when you close a note to me. I love that in you! And, I love that little boy, you all are too sweet.

    • I wrote a letter to mseylf when I was 22 and am supposed to open it when I’m 33 (I guess I was inspired by the double-digits?). I wrote all these PREDICTIONS about what my life was going to be like I have a feeling I am going to be DE-PRESSED when I get to it in a few years! My letter to mseylf at 44 is going to be much more generous and allow for changing interests

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