Go and write CAMERA on your Christmas list

Dear Jen,
I’m writing to you from 16 years into the future! Say hello to 32-year-old you! … *insert spacey music here & maybe a laser show*

Now I could give you a list of all the things you should be doing right now – like getting your driver’s licence (Astro Boy cars STILL haven’t been invented in 2011, and our robot driver isn’t as easy to build as we first thought), investing in stocks (don’t worry, you still glaze over at the mere mention of maths. Yes. Stocks count as maths) – or taking better care of your teeth / health etc (*whispers* still no word on the clone). But if you’re anything like me – and I know you are, so shut up – you’re already digging your heels in and refusing to do what anyone else tells you to do, just out of habit. Also out of laziness, but that’s ok too

Right now though, I want you to go and write CAMERA on your Christmas list. Turns out taking pictures is something you’re pretty good at, and love to do – and it will do you some good to be on the lookout for beauty in your everyday life, rather than just focusing inward on your negative inner dialogue. Yeah, I know our inner dialogue is pretty funny, but telling yourself that you’re rubbish every two seconds is not productive. You’ll have a bit of an epiphany in Uni that will cause you to take a breath and focus on the wonder of what’s around you – but now’s a better time to start!

Now for a few spoilers!

See those friends around you at the moment? You know the ones – there’s P-Jo with the real purty hair (have we started that catch phrase yet??), Leisa-L the arty one (she’ll do this joke with a pretend fly that will crack you up!), Trav-F (just steal his hat, he won’t mind), Swoosan (pull her hair, she looks like a rabbit!), Lindoo (you’re still a bit in awe of her coolness, even at 32!). See these awesome people? Well the fantastic news is that you’re all still friends 16 years later! We’re all leading different lives & I won’t go into the brilliant things they’re all doing now – time / space continuum thing – but you love them just as much now as you ever did. So give them all a huge hug from future me. Go on. Do it. *sigh* I know it’s weird, just do what future you tells you to do and stop complaining about it.

Also, you will meet your future husband in 3 years time! That may sound like a long way away to you, but believe me it’s a blink. You won’t marry him immediately – it will take you a few months to even work up the courage to hold his hand at a party – and then another 10 years or so to actually tie the knot. But a billion years and lots of stories later, he’s the best friend you’ll ever have – and the second funniest person you’ll ever meet! Yep. The first funniest is still you! :)

Try not to compare yourself to everyone else. It’s hard I know, and I’m still doing it now! But what you’ll come to realise is that everyone is so busy getting on with the business of being themselves, that they just don’t have the time to be as critical of you as you are of yourself. Take a breath and realise that you’re an amazing person, with friends and family who love you – even Robert! (you connect a little better once you’ve moved out  ).

There are a lot of beautiful things in your future – a few sad events, but these will just make the better times brighter. So keep laughing as much as you do, keep your friends close and aware of how important they are, stop drinking so much coca-cola, help mum with the washing (you only have to hang it on the line!), and keep your eyes out for future you. She’s pretty great :)

Love Jen.


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