The crazies will die or move on with life

Dear Me,
I know your life is crazy. Don’t prank call Jimmy and tell him your the pizza place in May. He’ll be on acid and will sit on the roof for 5 hours trying to avoid the pizza guy that never showed. Don’t take gifts from Florida Dave. Make your dad breakfast and brush his hair more often it will be some of your best memories you have of him when he’s gone. Your cooler now than you ever will be so soak it up. Don’t worry your environment changes massively. and you will have some normality eventually. Most of the crazies will die or move on with life. One day people will have to call and  knock on the door before they come in your house. You won’t have to throw out drunks, or deal with crackheads. Forget Capricorn men, pay attention to Scorpio’s. Pay attention to your best friend there is something she isn’t telling you, maybe you can help keyword – doughnut- & For the love of  go see Bruce in the hospital the day before your 17th b day- Bring the guitar..   Love u – me


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