Thank God everyday for your blessings

Dear Me,
So, where do I start? Let’s begin with your boyfriend, Sam. He’s an amazing guy, and even though I’m in my 20′s now I know a part of me will always love him. Just don’t get caught up in marriage, your still so young. Plan your future first, then once you do everything that you want to do as a SINGLE person, then you two can form your future. And lets face it, the only reason why you want to stay at your private school is because of him. Switch back to public, show mom you are mature and respect her then she will consider letting you go back. Remember that the world is bigger than you realize, there are bigger problems that the ones if your social life. Enjoy your youth, love others with everything you have, respect your authority, and thank God everyday for your blessings. You have so many good things coming in your future, look forward to it.


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