Like Rev. Sharpton said to Michael Jackson…

Dear Tom, from Tom:
Remember that girl on whom you had a crush? Her parents would not let her go out with you because you are Italian and 2 years older? Maybe the age difference was a legitimate problem for her parents, but prejudice? NO WAY. Instead of begging her to stand up to them, you should have stood up to them. Oh, that’s right, you were not allowed in their house because you are Italian. Well, here’s the thing: Now you have more security within yourself. Now you don’t say: “What’s wrong with me?” Now you can say: “If you are prejudiced, something is very wrong within your heart and mind and psychology! Since then you have been fired from two jobs for being Italian and those were the two overt ones. But even then you wanted to know what you did wrong. It took a very long time to get it right: NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME. Just like Rev. Sharpton said to Michael Jackson’s children at the Memorial Service in 2009: “…Nothing strange about your Daddy; something very strange about what he had to deal with”.


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