Everything we wanted

Dear Christine,
As of today you have 29 days of being a legal kid left. Tonight you’re texting Cole across the street. Remember wrestling that boy when you were little? You were a champ, and back then it wasn’t weird. After this year the McKennas will be the head kids on this street. With Katie off in Columbia Being happy and making no money and you going off to over-achieve at Mizzou next year…they’ll be running the joint! Tell me how THAT turns out. I hope you (I?) did everything you (I?) said you’d (I’d?) do in college. Honors college, j-school, study abroad. Please tell me we (I’ve settled on we now) followed through with that. Also, I hope rushing either worked out or we’re comfortable with our decision. You, of all people, know how we hate regrets. I also hope you’ve found a guy like him (think back to your senior year, or just high school in general. I hope we remember that boy. He was the best of them, he just didn’t know it yet.). Do we still talk to him? Are we friends? Are we dating him now? (I can hope) If we aren’t, I hope we didn’t settle for anything less. I also hope we achieved our dream. Is our byline out there for the world to see yet? God, I hope so. We worked so hard in high school to get our chance. Remember the Image staff? Our boys, Dom and Gian? Our partner in crime, Dani? That hilarious little slacker Alex? The amazing Mrs. Nancy Smith? I hope they’re all still around. Do we miss them? Have we seen our name on that State banner in the gym recently? Is it still there? If we haven’t looked in a while, let’s find a reason to go. It’ll bring back memories. Lastly, how are the girls? Grace, Ashley, Rachael, Katie? Do we still talk? Please tell me we do. I love them like they’re my sisters. Maybe more because they cause less drama in my life than my actual sister…no, they’re probably equal. Is Ash a biologist? Is Grace really a nurse? Has Katie blown herself up yet? Did Rachael marry Jordan? I guess there’s no way for us to give me all these answers, but you can tell us now. Look those people up if we’re not in touch. Dig up the old papers. Go see the banner. Follow our dreams.

Be everything we wanted to be.

17 year old Christine Kay Jackson
Dec 7, 2011


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