See half the world by 40

Dear Jonathan,
This iz u at 41 writing 2 u. yeah…i know,(the next century iz full of stuff like this)anyway…i want u 2 know u that itz gonna b a roller coaster ride.a big roller coaster ride.lots of good n bad.
here’s some good(i know u like bad news 1st but just roll with me here).u develope several talents.things u would never dream u could do.u actually make dreams come true,but itz like findin an evil genie…some of the dreams kinda backfire.but believe me u handle them well.u’ll see half the world by 40.
and when i say see it,i mean u’ll see things many will never see their whole lives.lots of fun,but lots of heavy jazz 2.
lotz of women,lotz of music,lotz of well letz call them ‘dreams’.
there will b pain.a great deal of it.
more pain than u have ever known,more pain than u have ever seen any1 much pain that u’ll find very original n personal ways 2 deal with it az u get older u’ll bcome more alone. more dark.
but still there iz a light inside waiting.still burning.with all the potential 2 set the world a flame.
but it wont b easy 2 build.2 b the man u want 2 b…it will take everything u ever had inside 2 break free of the prison u’ll end up in will take all God gave u.
cuz the prison iznt a prison of brick n bars it iznt a prison u can touch…u can only feel it.itz a prison of ur soul.only u can free u.
no1 else can help u.u will have 2 save ur self.u will have 2 b ur own hero.n only u know u can do it.
dont b afraid of the solitude.
itz ok.u…..iz all u need.


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